February 10, 2012

Making Some Rings

I woke up this morning bright and early with a fully formed idea in my head for a flower ring made out of shrink plastic.  Rings made from this material, commonly known as Shrinky Dinks, are not new to me.  I have one of those Klutz books all about making jewelry out of the stuff.  Basically, you just cut a long strip, decorate it, shrink it, and then bend it into a circle while it's still hot.

So I thought, if you can make a circle while it's still hot, why not other shapes?  I envisioned a three dimensional flower, and then set out to make it happen.  I really love the way it turned out, as did my friend Sarah, to whom I gave it.  She has metal sensitivities, and so the shrink plastic lets her wear rings without getting all itchy.  Bonus!

These designs still need some work.  Sarah broke her band while playing with it nervously.  While I could easily tell people not to pull out on the band, I'd also like them to be a bit more sturdy.  At any rate, I still think they're kind of amazing, and will be cooking up more ideas for these soon.  What do you think?

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