February 12, 2012

Tribbles and other thoughts

DS has made it home from CA.  As usual with prolonged trips, he was more than ready to be back.  Winston has demanded fetch sessions about 10 times today.  We are all happy he's back.

I accomplished more than I would have thought while he was gone.  I'm making a lot of progress on this cross stitch pattern I've been sewing.  I woke up Friday with an idea in my head for new jewelry options and then made a whole bunch of them.  The first one was given to my friend Sarah, who came over that day, and she was super excited about it.  So even though she later broke while nervously fiddling with it, I feel like I'm on a good path with this idea, and that I can work through the kinks.

I got bored with the living room layout and decided to completely rearrange.  Well, as completely as we can considering the tv is immobile.  We're getting used to it, but so far I think it's a nice change.  I also started teaching myself sign language from a website I found.  It's something I've always wanted to do, and could possibly come in handy one day.  Especially if we ever have kids, since comprehension and motor skills come earlier to children than speech.

I'm reading The Diamond Age, and while I'm not very far along, I can say A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer is something I would have absolutely adored in my youth.  Alas, I learned to read from regular books...

I've finished the first two seasons of the original Star Trek series in my quest to watch them all in order.  DS even watched an episode with me today and laughed at all the appropriate parts.  Perhaps there is hope for him yet.  Here are some thoughts so far:
  • I knew going into this that gold uniforms of command in the original series were actually chartreuse, but that the lights on the stage made them appear gold on film.  So I find that I really enjoy it when Kirk wears his couple other shirt designs.  They seem to be made out of a different fabric, and actually show up green.  It's really lovely.  Related: sometimes you can see the hidden zipper on the left shoulder, and even when the shirts look gold, that zipper looks green.
  • Most of the stereotypes you've probably heard about the show don't seem very apparent until the second season.  And considering the first season was a whopping 30 episodes, that's a lot of show to get through before you start seeing them.  I kept a special lookout for the ill fates of "redshirts" and "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor!" jokes, but I don't think I saw the first redshirt die until close to halfway through season 1.  That being said, they certainly ran with it once it got started.
  • I really enjoy the banter between McCoy and Spock.  Also, I love it when Kirk compliments Spock's humanity, and Spock is subsequently offended.
  • I was happy to see the cast solidify a bit more in season 2, meaning more of Scotty, Zulu, and the arrival of Chekov, who I was not aware wasn't in season 1.
  • Also, what the heck is up with Chekov's hair in his first few episodes????  Did something made a nest in there??
  • While The Trouble with Tribbles is a pretty famous episode, it had been a long time since I'd seen it.  Watching Shatner trying not to laugh as he's buried in tribbles and someone is obviously pelting him in the head with more while he talks is super hilarious.
I just noticed today that Deep Space 9 finally made it to streaming, so now it looks like I won't have any trouble getting through all the series, including the animated one.  Though all but the newest movie will have to come in disc form.  I can handle that.

DS called me a geek today, like it was a bad thing.  Though I give him credit for smiling when I said "OF COURSE!"

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