February 05, 2012

Like a Glove

DS left for his conference today.  I figured while I was out with the car, I might as well go shopping.  Less so I can spend money, and more so I can just look at things.  Sometimes it's nice to do that.  I picked up a couple of things for the cats, found no shoes I liked, and got groceries.

Then I did one of the best parallel parking jobs of my life.  Behold!
Less than foot of space on either side.  And on our actual street!
The mice we normally get for Winston are a specific kind.  We've found, to our monetary sadness, that he is very particular.  We had been getting the Hartz ones that come in super bright colors and have real rabbit fur.  He went nuts for them, and would play fetch multiple times a day.  He was overly particular to the blues ones.  However, they've recently make them NOT rabbit fur, and he has no interest whatsoever in toys that are made out of anything else.  We know.  We've tried.  (Please note that despite the image their site and Amazon shows for the product, they no longer really look like that.  The reviews, and my own trips to the grocery to get them, attest to this.)

Anyway, I found a different brand at PetSmart today that used real fur.  I wasn't sure how he'd feel about them, since the crazy dye was missing and they're a bit lighter in weight (he prefers a certain weightiness, which helps them fly better when thrown, and they make a nice thunk when they hit which he seems to like for fetch purposes).  However, after giving him one and leaving the rest on the table, I later found him claiming them.  So... let's hope this is a success!

Winston claims the extra mice.  Also, a woven paper ring toy I thought Felix would enjoy batting around.
 We also haven't had a real cat bed for ages, because Winston had a tendency to use them as a litterbox.  I got tired of washing them and throwing away money, so I stopped getting them.  It's been a couple of years though, and Felix really loves them.  So when I found one on clearance today, I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'm testing it on the couch first, since I'm hoping that will impress upon Winston that it is not a toilet.  Felix took to it almost immediately.

"I don't even care if the tag's still attached."
 Despite missing DS already, I'd say today was a success.

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