February 04, 2012

Day of Fun

DS is leaving me in the morning for California.  He has a week long conference, and I wasn't able to tag along this time.  Which is really too bad, because it would have been lovely to spend a week with my SB folks.

We decided to make the most of our Saturday together.  For us, this meant we spent the day doing the following:

Tomato, green olive, and turkey sausage pizza.  Also, Dominion.

Now that DS is sleeping, I'm watching Star Trek and working on a cross stitch project.  I just saw the episode Space Seed, which originally aired Feb 16, 1967.  Apparently in the Star Trek universe, I lived through the last world war for our planet, also known as the Eugenics Wars of the 1990's.  It seems we were creating super humans, and this is where Khan was created.  He led a group of the super humans that, I'm guessing, stole a star ship.  But star flight before 2018 was so slow that everyone on board had to be put to sleep until they arrived at their destination.  And so, due to problems of some kind, the Enterprise came upon this ship 200 years later (so no later than 2200, since the ship left in the 1990's), revived the crew, and met Khan.  I thought he looked familiar, and found out it was for good reason.  He also plays Khan in the second Star Trek movie from 1982, The Wrath of Khan.  Since I recognize this dude, I suspect this was one that got played around my house at some point as a child.

So there you go.  I'm sure that was exciting for you.  A history lesson!


mlk said...

Sam and I actually bought dominion because we enjoyed playing it with you guys so much. next time all you need to do is bring the HAAAAAAAAGGGG

Sleep Goblin said...