December 26, 2007

Well, tonight DS and I finally got around to going Christmas light looking.  What?  Don't look at me like that.  There were mitigating circumstances.  Like impenetrable fog for a week, and DS falling asleep when the sun set.  

At any rate, tonight we went.  We found more than we have in past years, now that we live in a slightly different part of town.  As it turns out though, the only thing we found worthy of getting out of the car to photograph had less to do with lights and more to do with sheer awesomeness.

Yeah, that's right.  That's an IGLOO!  I probably couldn't fit inside comfortably, but children could.  We were in total awe.  (hmm.. awe.. awesome.. yes, those words go together perfectly here, and not just in the middle school "cool" sort of way... sometimes I find words fascinating long after I should have realized their true meanings...)

I made 8 different kinds of cookies yesterday.  EIGHT!  If you want some cookies, come on over, because I have plenty.  Sometimes I get carried away.  Maybe I still am, because the only reason I stopped was because I ran out of vanilla and butter.  It's hard to make cookies without those two things.  But I still want to try making cashew brittle, and it's just wrong to make cookies without including chocolate chips.  There's also a batch of dough in the fridge that just needs to be rolled out so I can put jelly in them, fold them, and bake them.  Yum!  Being on vacation rocks.

The only other thing happening is this:  My Brother's Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Brother!!


kimberlina said...

happy birthday brother of sleep goblin!

also, please expect me this evening by having a bottle of cold whole milk in the fridge. thanks.


cg-c, esq. said...

Um, I want some cookies. You totally put me to shame with your impressive EIGHT batches. I made like 3 batches and peppermint bark right before Christmas and was feeling all proud of myself...until now. You totally win.

Rrramone said...

I have to come over for cookies?? Holy crap.

Spinning Girl said...

That makes me want to build an igloo!!! I guess I would need snow for that ...

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