December 13, 2007

12 Days 'til Christmas

My friend Luke has a window office on the third floor at work (that's as high as it goes).  We think he might be on his way to have the world's largest icicle hanging from the roof above him.  It goes well down into the second floor level.  The girl in the office below him looks out at the bottom.  

I have to wonder about the quality of our drainage system, because the entire campus is covered in stuff like this...  Not that I'm complaining, it looks really cool.  Of course, they also have to close the courtyard from time to time because they start falling and it's quite possible something of this size would kill you.

I finally got DS to let me buy a bunch of Christmas candy.  I love this stuff!!  Also, it looks really cool as a desktop wallpaper.  I won't be offended if you download it ;)


Dragonslayer said...

When was I stopping you from buying Christmas candy?!?

Bee said...

I just wanted to let you know that we are not, in fact, dead. I even updated my poor little blog! Now that Brian has an XBox 360, I'm sure I'll be doing this more often.

Merry Christmas!

K.Mize said...

Mmm...Christmas candy. Don't let your husband deprive you of that.

kimberlina said...

christmas candy!! that stuff will break your teeth! ;) and please stay away from icicles that huge.

man, this was a dangerous post.