December 10, 2007

15 Days 'til Christmas

Holy Crap!

Apparently I have a [not so] secret admirer of some sort.  I received a package today from someone in Minnesota.  No note, no card, just a return address and a last name on the envelope.  At first I was sure that DS had ordered me something for Christmas using some account that had it ship directly to me.  Feeling as if I had spoiled a Christmas surprise, I took him the envelope in shame.  But no!  It was not from him!

That means it was from someone else.  Either someone in MN (which seems highly unlikely unless you just haven't really made yourself know, since the only person that I actually know in MN lives in Minneapolis), or someone from anywhere else that used the Amazon's "buy from other people" option.

Who is it?!  I want to thank you!!  

1 comment:

Wandering Far said...

I used to live in MN about five years ago, but the gift wasn't from me.

Still, congratulations...