December 20, 2007

5 Days 'til Christmas

Work is stressful at the moment, as I have a deadline on Jan 4th, but am about to be off for 11 days straight... which really means I'll just be working from home during my vacation some. Feeling responsible can really suck sometimes.

At any rate, between that and the following things, I've been both busy, somewhat stressed, and scarce. Here's a rundown.

DS was forced into attending graduation by his mother and I.

It was by far the best graduation I've ever attended: short, painless, and the guest speaker was even pretty funny.

Of course, I then had to make DS pose, which he refuses to do with any sincerity. But I'm okay with it, because this picture cracks me up.

Once the rest of his family left, we took his mom to the zoo.
Seals are pretty darn funny when they're flopping around on dry ground.

Of course, the main reason I wanted to take her is that the polar bears become hilarious once it starts snowing. This guy just flops around on his belly looking so content, and then he'll slide down the rocks on his back. Totally worth going just for that alone.

She was also excited to see actual icicles on people's houses.

She asked me to design an ornament for her with her dogs Jake and Willard in it. I was pretty proud of the results, so I'm showing it off.
And finally, I fulfilled a long-standing dream of mine and designed a 3d Sleep Goblin. You know you want one!! And if not, I do, which means I have to make another, cause this was a gift.


K.Mize said...

Merry Christmas Rigglemans!

Monica said...

Merry Christmas!! I loved your polar bear card. There is a picture going out in the mail to you on Wednesday.


Spinning Girl said...

Merry Christmas!

You make the awesomest things.

tRuCuLeNtWoMaN said...

And you cannot imagine how beautiful SG's ornaments are on the tree with the lights reflecting all over and through them. They are awesome!