January 03, 2008

Celebrate in Style!

DS and I decided to treat ourselves with my Christmas bonus and his graduation monies.  One of the things we bought was a new board game.  Felix enjoys tossing the die.

Whenever we buy something that comes with plastic, you can be sure that Winston will be there to help you out with it.

Our brand new TV came with LOTS of plastic.  (I bet you can imagine how we spent our vacation!)

It has become our New Year's tradition to go to our friend Dave's house.  I wore my brand new dress that my mom bought me!
(I thought this picture was totally awesome, then I totally Fellenz being creepy in the doorway.  He's like a photo stalker!)

One thing that was different this year was the appearance of KT1, who is usually still home for Christmas at this time.  Nobody can make a party fun like KT1.  
(She looked way better in the other picture of us, but this one was so much more festive I couldn't resist.)


Code name: 1% said...

Hey man, I'll take festive over attractive any day. That was a pretty good party and a pretty good wind-down the next day.

kimberlina said...

ooooo! that new present is AWESOME. i bet the wii action is totally smokin'.