December 12, 2007

13 Days 'til Christmas

The mystery has been solved!  It was indeed ordered from a person and not a store.  Thanks sister of DS!!

So my guesstimate is that it's snowed roughly every 3 days since Thanksgiving.  I'd say we have at least a foot of snow, and it hasn't been above freezing in a few weeks now.  This is why I love living here!  It's like the prettiest Christmas card you ever saw, with all the evergreen trees covered in snow.  Especially when people put lights on the outdoor trees.  AWESOME!

I'm pretty much in heaven here.  Which I could say the same for DS.... He's lamenting his inability to climb outdoors in this weather.  He really needs new hobbies.

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tRuCuLeNtWoMaN said...

Oh My! See you tomorrow! Boots, Gloves, Scaves, Long Johns! It's been so loooong and I just can't wait! I will leave SC with 70+ degrees; was 80+ today and for the past five days. Going into 19 degrees! It will just be awesome!