January 03, 2007

2007, Here I Come!

The New Year got off to a bit of a rocky start...

wait. who am i kidding?

The New Year started off GREAT! DS and I got all dolled up (by which I mean we weren't in jeans and a t-shirt, though DS was close) and went to our friend Anne's house (of Battlestar night fame). While there, I had some vodka concoction, and made the world's most insane drink stirrer. It's amazing what you can do with a shattered skier from a snow village and a hot glue gun.

After kicking plenty of things there, we moved on to our friend Dave's house, where there was beer, champagne, bourbon and cigars. Yes, nothing rings in the New Year like 5 separate vices in one night... On the plus side, Dave proposed to his long time girlfriend Melissa after all of the horn blowing and confetti throwing calmed down. She thankfully said yes (I kept imagining how embarrassing it would have been if she hadn't!).

On the 1st, I dutifully slept until 12:30 PM. Upon waking, I promptly ate myself into a gluttonous bliss, completely dashing all hopes of starting the year off on a nutritional good foot. During the few hours I had before it was time to go back to sleep, DS and I caught up on The Office, having officially watched all three seasons in less than a week. (Hooray!)

I quickly gained some ground on that whole "healthy" thing by making my triumphant return to the climbing gym tonight. ...and then quickly petered out after 4 climbs. Man, am I awesome!

I have high hopes for this year, as I currently have standing plans for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week in the near future. (fyi, that's climbing, battlestar night at Anne's, and tv night with Matt, respectively.) DS and I are also saving money to go on a cruise this summer for our friend Lindsey's wedding (hooray for being able to save money!), and he is very happily organizing a climbing trip for March.

And though we are all saddened by the closing of MT's blog, I am heartened by not one, but TWO invitations to see her in one week! I'd give up blog reading for time with her any day :)

So look out 2007, me and my Rocket Dog shoes are ready for some kicking!


kimberlina said...

*I* have rocket dog shoes! hurray! you are off to a smashing good start!

your gluttonous bliss sounds so wonderful. food heaven makes me so happy.

Rrramone said...

Best wishes to you my dear! It is going to be a great year. :-)