December 28, 2006

Christmas Wrap Up

Well, Christmas is over, and it's back to work. It's really weird being at work right now, because next to noone is actually working. Most people have vacation time to use, and the week after Christmas is apparently when everyone uses it. Me, I'm still on probation (stupid new-hire rules) and therefore cannot use vacation. I've graciously been allowed unpaid leave, which is the last thing a person needs after Christmas...

It's okay though, because DS and I did manage a whirlwind tour of the southeast. In 5 days, we traveled over 2000 miles, which allowed us exactly one day each with our families. Going down wasn't so bad, since we went about halfway the first day, spent a day with my mom, and then the other half to SC to see his mom. However, the day after Christmas we got to spend an exciting 17 hours in the car, only to go to work the next morning. Woot!

Despite the less than ideal traveling conditions, there were some great things that happened on this trip. First, my parents bought me a hammered dulcimer for Christmas, which I'm madly in love with. My grandmother played both kinds of dulcimer in a bluegrass band, so we've always had them around the house. Unfortunately, the hammered dulcimer was broken by someone a long time ago, so I've never been able to play it. Now, I have my own!

I of course got to curl up with Abby.

I also got to spend time with my new niece and nephew. Miles is 2, and is turning out to be really fun now that he can do more than cry.

I've been searching for a picture of Abby I thought was on here, and have lost my train of thought without even a picture to show for it. Oh well.

I still have a few ornaments left if anyone wants them. More better updates will resume when I've regained my sanity. (You like my excellent use of grammar don't you?)


kimberlina said...

hammered dulcimer!! that's amazing. i would LOVE to see a video of you playing.

also, can i grab an ornament? save it w/ my name on it? i get paid today and can send you the moolah via paypal. :)

Rrramone said...

Happy new year! I'm a fan of the HD too, and can't wait to hear you play. :-)