January 06, 2007

Upping the Ante

DS recently discovered that the first two seasons of Animaniacs has been released on DVD, which of course meant he came home with season one the other day. It would seem my ability to sing along with the songs, especially classics like Yakko's World, have dramatically added to my geek points. Which we all know in this relationship equates to how much he loves me.

I've also been watching Greg the Bunny, a show I've been ordered to watch by Matt. I'm all about the TV today.

Since I started work at my new job, I've gained a few new friends who have become staples in my everyday life. Tomorrow, worlds collide! DS and I are going to a movie with MT (yes, the famous one with the now missing blog) and Matt. Here's hoping they get along, or my future parties might be a little awkward. But really, how could two people I love so much not get along? Impossible!

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