January 29, 2007

I'll be your charity case

Work is crazy. In one meeting today, I was told that I haven't worked there long enough to be so bitter. And then they said they knew who I had learned it from. That person happened to be in the room with me. I assure you, I was not being bitter, and even if I were, I didn't have to learn it from anyone. Though if someone did need to learn it, he'd certainly be the person to go to.

I finally figured out why I couldn't access half of your blogs. It would seem that my links had a double backslash on the end. Why was that okay for the last year but not now? I have no idea, but the links are updated. So if you thought I was ignoring, stop thinking that. And in the off chance that you depended on me for getting to one of these blogs, never fear.

In the nerd world, Windows Vista comes out tomorrow. I was not selected as a Vista tester at work, which is too bad, because I'd be the coolest one. Surely no one there is as nerdy cool as I am. On the plus side, my bff at work is a Vista tester, so I can at least play with it.

Did anyone notice that I'm currently reading three books at once? Yeah, that's not working so well. Especially since I'm spending all of my free time playing Animal Crossing. Speaking of which, if any of you fellow gamers out there have this one, please share your friend code with me!! My poor villagers are suffering from a lack of interaction, and the one friend I know of that has the game doesn't have wi-fi. *sad*

I think I had a reason when I named this post initially, but I've already forgotten. Though really, that should be reason enough to hold my hand.

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Spinning Girl said...

you are so cute.