August 30, 2006

Chugging Along

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

Wedding plans still coming along. We've currently received 34 yes's, and 5 no's. We love those no's. That's 5 people we don't have to feed, and I'm totally cool with them being on their 25th Anniversary cruise that weekend. Not that the yes's aren't nice, but when you budget for a certain number of people, and then have unexpected yes's, it sends your heart aflutter.

Still working on wedding jewelry for everyone. And yes, it's pretty much everyone. The bridesmaids, me, and now my mother. And of course, when I don't have much time for personal crafting, my brain is working overtime coming up with other ideas. I need a new cool sketchbook to carry around just for that purpose. I've had so many ideas for new earrings, and even designer paper clips. And I still haven't forgotten about my Sleep Goblin merchandise line....

Sunday was spent at the Middleton Good Neighbor Festival. You remember that, right? The actual post will have to come later, as the pictures still aren't uploaded. We all know a book without pictures is hardly a book at all. Patience people!

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