August 18, 2006


I keep thinking that I've got things together, and I'm not missing anything. However, I stopped by Janelle's blog today, and discovered that I had missed pretty much a whole page of posts. That's a lot!!! Where have I been?

And then I started wondering.. how long have I been gone? What have I been doing for so long? Have people noticed that I'm missing? Can people like Oscar, where I rarely comment, tell when I stop reading altogether? And if so, where was the search party?

Here's the best I can come up with, so bear with me.

* I made a lot of wedding invitations. 90 handmade, four part wedding invitations complete with beading and ribbon.

* The kittens are bad and require constant attention.

* My job gives me homework.

* I had to get caught up on Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and House before the new episodes start.

* Mostly, I've just been computer shy.

I miss you guys!


... said...

...i'm sure a search party did set out! :)

Janelle Renee said...

Trust me, I miss you and wonder how you are when I don't see your cute little avatar commenting on my blog.

The search party came back and reported to me that you were doing well, so I felt happy knowing your life is filled with such happy and exciting events.