August 01, 2006

South Carolina, The Rest of It

We're home now.. Let me see if I can remember everything else we did.

We spent Saturday morning relaxing. DS's mom made me some of the best scrambled eggs I've ever had. Then we went to have our teeth cleaned, and things were done to me there that have never been done before. Apparently, my last dentist was pretty slack, and the severe cleaning I needed as a result left me with some sore gums. Afterwards, we went back to his sister's house for some swim time with the kids. It's weird having someone call me Aunt, but nice too. Then, as promised, we headed back to Columbia, where we met up with DS's college crew for some fun at The Oyster Bar.

Sunday morning was especially relaxing, since we didn't have anything we needed to do until dinner time. At some point, we decided we needed more Nintendo games, and we headed out for the nearest EB Games for some used goodies. (They're sooo much cheaper this way!) Of course, after that, we had to have our game time, which was enhanced by our discovery of how to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi feature. For dinner, we headed back to his sister's house for spaghetti and salad (ooh my the salad! I want that recipe *drool*). Then I was taken around Aiken to meet every last person DS has ever known, including his ex-girlfriend. Oy.

Monday, of course, we came home. It was a wonderful vacation, but it's always nice to be back in your own bed again. And the best part, it meant we would get our new kittens soon! (Oh yes, we're getting kittens. Did I mention that?)

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