August 16, 2006

Two Things

1. I have a long deep cut across the palm of my hand. DS has learned not to scare the kittens when I'm holding them.

2. Kittens had to go in for their 2nd Distemper shot yesterday. Cried the whole way to the shelter. Sat very quietly and calmly the whole way back. We're determined to get some of this "distemper" stuff, as it seems to be code for "sit down and shut up."

3. At the shelter, kittens were weighed. Winston, the horse, has gained 2 1/2 lbs, coming in at 6.25 lbs. Felix, the dainty one, gained a bit less, weighing 4.75 lbs. I believe they correctly estimated Winston would be a "large" cat on his initial chart.

4. You're mad I said two things, and there's really four? So what.

1 comment:

kimberlina said...

hm, i don't think i know how to count, since i didn't notice. *laugh*

keep that cut clean! cat claws can get infected all nasty-like.