August 03, 2006


Everyone, DS and I are the proud parents of two new baby kittens! Meet Winston (the grey one) and Felix (the black one). They are siblings that were found in a barn, and turned over to Angel's Wish. We were told through the whole adoption process that they were both boys, but surgery has proven that Felix is a girl. However, the name seems to fit, so we're keeping it. You'll notice she's wearing a sexy clown collar in the photos, and that's because she tried to take her stitches out. We can take it off in a week after she goes back to the vet.


Janelle Renee said...

Yay! Kittens are fun.

What's with these cat adoption places?

They got the age of Moral's cat wrong and the sex of your kitten confused.

Spinning Girl said...


I love adopted babies!!!

kimberlina said...

hurray! your kittens are so adorable!

and spoiled, i notice you bought your cats a little treehouse plaything.

i get my cats cardboard scratching posts. stop making me look like a bad mommy!


Anonymous said...

Winston is *literally* my cat, Spencer's twin. IDENTICAL. It would be very confusing if they ever met.

justacoolcat said...

Congrats on the kittens!

cg-c said...

OOOOOh they are so cute!!! And it's a good thing because you'll have lots of teenage angst to look forward to. Hee. :)

I expect lots of pictures documenting their cuteness.