April 10, 2006

Sleep Goblin Crafts

It's been a while since I've mentioned it, but I thought I would let everyone know that the goblin picture in my sidebar is a link to my store. I updated today with 4 pairs of earrings! I've been on an earring making frenzy lately!

Also, because some of you seemed worried, I'll let you know that I did not spend the other evening drinking to solve my problems. I don't really have any serious problems right now, and even if I did, I'm aware that drinking would not solve them. You have to admit that the picture was humorous though :)

And because others of you are big babies, I'll say that the only blogs I read are the ones linked in my sidebar. Now, if I listed all of you as favorites, what would be the point in that? I could have just said, see my sidebar for blogs I read. But I just wanted a few, and there you have it. If you're afraid the lack of a listing means you're not special (you know who you are), well, you're wrong. Now stop whining before I kick you!


Bee said...

The earrings look nice, even in 16-bit color!

Unfortunately, I am have promised my rental company everything but my firstborn for the next 3 weeks. Maybe after the move I will convince Bobi to get me some authentic Sleep Goblin earrings. Then I can be fashionable. For alas, I suck at making earrings.

Oscar Madison said...

What are you saying? First I get left out, and now I get kicked?

Janelle Renee said...

I know that gloating is unbecoming, but I can't help myself:

I was listed!


Can I kick some people, too?

Sleep Goblin said...

Eh, sure, why not? Go for the shins! (Do Oscar first, since he didn't stop whining!)

Spinning Girl said...

I heart you.

Janelle Renee said...

I kick you, Oscar!

(Hey, I see why you like this kicking thing. It's fun!)