April 25, 2006


When I went to France, I took my USB cable for my camera with me. I thought it was important that I be able to upload the pictures I was taking as I took them, in case I wanted to take more than 300 a day while I was there. This was all fine and dandy. The problem didn't arise until I got home, and was too lazy to crawl under my desk and find a way to hook it back up. It's scary behind there.

Well, today, I decided it was time to hook up the USB, and bring my camera out of retirement. This decision was helpfully spurred by the recent acquiring of a new 15 min battery charger (damn French power...). So without further ado, I present to you some pictures from the last month and a half.

This picture was taken at the end of Sleep Goblin Craft night. The camera batteries were dying (stupid charger!), and so the flash refused to go off, even though it was desparately needed. Hence, a blurry picture, which means even though we're posing to show off the earrings we made, you can't see them. I assure you, however, that they rocked.

These pictures were taken after DS re-proposed. Okay, he didn't really re-propose. But, the day after he got home, he picked up the ring from Jesse. Even though I was pretty sure I would get the ring that day, I came home to a package from my mother. I love packages and surprise mail gifts, so I was very preoccupied with getting this box open. DS kept saying, "Can't that wait a minute, I want to show you something." Finally, I grunted in frustration, and said "Fine!" I was expecting a ring, but not the to-do. I was smart enough to be very happily surprised, and he was nice enough to not hate me for delaying his moment. That bottle, yeah, that's champagne from France. I know you're all jealous!

And finally, I came home not long before DS got home to a box sitting outside my front door. I thought to myself, "That's odd. I don't remember ordering anything. Perhaps it's my pants from Delia's. No.. that doesn't look like a Delia's box. I think that's an Amazon box. What the crap did I order from Amazon, and why don't I remember it?"

Mainly because I didn't order anything. It was a gift! A random act of kindness!! I'm not sure this has ever happened to me before, and it was the most amazing feeling that this special someone, half way across the continent from me, felt the urge to send me this little piece of happiness. Isn't the wrapping job pretty? Spinning Girl is a saint (or at least a very funny girl and great present giver), and I love her. I'd marry her if I weren't already engaged. Heck, maybe I'll marry her anyway.


Spinning Girl said...


I love DS's romantic side. How cute are you two?!?!?

SO cute!

AND I have 40 brownie points! I win!

Ms. Adventures said...

She definately wins! What was the gift though?? I can't tell by the picture!

Good pictures BTW too.

kimberlina said...

hurrah for pictures and spontaneous gifts!

btw - are you going to make DS wear an engagement ring? i'm considering...

Rrramone said...

Love your post and pics and all, but Woohooooooooo! I got 20 points!!! :-)

p.s. Are you going to i.d. the people in the pic? Which one are you?