April 29, 2006

Career Options

So obviously, I'm not overly interested in doing historic preservation, the thing I went to grad school for. Which has left me thinking, what else might I like to do?

One of the things I've come up with is a teacher. I actually minored in math in college because, between being in engineering school and majoring in art history, I thought I'd like to be a math teacher. Also, I've always loved kids (though DS has no idea why). Somehow, all through high school and college, I ended up being one of those people other students went to for help. Math was one of those things that just came easy to me, and I seemed to have a knack to being able to explain things in a way others could understand too.

My issue? I'm not overly fond of kids once they hit middle school, and you can't just teach math to primary school students. So I have this question for you all. What do you think? Tell me what you think the pros and cons of teaching math in secondary school, versus teaching primary school, are. Also, let me know what else you think I should do with my life, because I'm sure having problems coming up with ideas.

(P.S. If you're a teacher *hint hint to Spinning Girl* please drop me a line sometime)


Janelle Renee said...

Are you sure you aren't interested (even the slightest) in doing historic preservation?

I recall reading some very passionate posts in this kickin' blog. Maybe it was another Goblin's blog?

Not to say this is true for you, but when I'm afraid of failing (or even not liking) something, I shy away from it in sprite of my desire to do it.

Hm. I'm glad you wrote this post! There are some things I've been shying away from that I oughtn't.

Bee said...

What about teaching Art History?

Spinning Girl said...

I think the only way to find out if you would actually like teaching, is to spend some time in a classroom. You can usually do this by visiting a classroom & observing, like in an internship. This is usually through a class, but some school allow informal visitors, especially if you know someone in the school.

You might be surprised. I thought I would hate middle schoolers and after my internship I loved, loved, LOVED them. They are zany & energetic like no other group, yet you can reason with them.

Of course, math starts pretty young, and getting basic concepts across for the first time to young kids can be quite stimulating!

kimberlina said...

i can understand your dislike of children. the other day in a dressing room, i almost aborted a small child of 4 with a clothes hanger when she repeatedly tried to unlock the dressing room door.

and the mother? not one room down, quiescently ignoring her child. hrmph.

FRITZ said...

I am also in this very same query: but I have taken some tests that qualify me to teach social studies for grades 6-12. So, I get to choose between middle school and high school.


Besides from the hormonal changes, I do think prepubescents have a really cool perspective...not kids, not teens, not adults. You may be surprised with the latitude, there.

But I still contend middle school kids stink. No, really. They smell. It's because of the hormones and the infrequency of bathing.