April 11, 2006


Could this week get any better? DS comes home tomorrow, I have a giant stack of spring edition Double Stuf Oreos, and free rentals from Blockbuster! Hooray!


Rikki said...

What are these 'Double Stuf Oreos' you speak of? Man, we don't get anything good here. Except Milo. Delicious creamy, chocolatey Milo.
I love your illustrations :)

Bee said...


I am SO Excited!!! And I'm not even remotely impacted by this! I just love vicarious homecomings!!!

I am SUCH a Nerd!!! EEEE!!!!

by the way, you should definitely NOT rent 'Broken Flowers' starring Bill Murray and lots of other people. It's really boring.

kimberlina said...

aw man, that sucks! i have that on hold from the library and i am about the 120th in line for 'broken flowers!' alas.


lots of rest and sleep and relaxation are the order of the day/night. jet lag is not your friend. hot showers are. and sweet, soft pillowy beds and fiances. :)

Moral Turpitude said...

I found Broken Flowers to be a disappointment as well.

YAY for DS's homecoming! That milk is sitting dangerously close to the edge of the table....

Janelle Renee said...


Spinning Girl said...


Yay yay yay yay yay yay!


Dragonslayer said...

Thanks everybody!

MT - when I got home, that milk was all over the floor.

cg-c said...

HOORAY! Dragonslayer- despite the milk situation, were the oreos delish?

What movies did you watch?

Did you have a "Love, Actually" airport scene?!?

Like bee, I'm also just vicariously excited and happy.

Bee said...

p.s. i added Sleep Goblin Crafts to my blog links. I swear I'll buy something as soon as I have financial backing!