April 27, 2006


You're all such a demanding group of readers!

No, I don't plan to make DS wear an engagment ring. He's not that kind, and I think I'm lucky he'll put on a wedding band. Once upon a time, I use to propose to him, and he'd tell me no. And at some point I told him I was going to buy him a ring and then he'd have to say yes, and yet he told me no still. And I'm pretty sure he told me he wouldn't wear it. I've also been very unsuccessful at convincing him to take my name. I'm very fond of my last name....

The gift is The Prodigal Summer, a book that Spinning Girl is currently in love with. Books are my favorite gifts ever, and I'm not allowed to go into Barnes and Noble alone because of that. I'm am well known for buying myself $50 worth of gift within 5 minutes of walking in the doors, and usually I don't have that kind of cash to blow on books. So you see, getting a free book in the mail was like, magic!

The people in the picture, in no particular order, are Lindsey, Elyse, and KT2. I refuse to tell you which one I am, because my archives should make it obvious. With that said, 5 brownie points to the first person who correctly identifies me!


Janelle Renee said...

You're the one on the far right!

Spinning Girl said...

No fair, I was at work when Janelle wrote that!

Sleep Goblin said...

It's okay SG, you're still winning by a landslide!

kimberlina said...


i hate missing things. i knew which was you, too! alas and alack.

i think i want to buy anthony an autobots engagement ring. ;)