April 17, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

Sorry for the absence guys! Here I am, with a brand new keyboard (which is totally awesome!), and a home that feels like home again. Thanks of course to the return of DS.

The past several days have been crazy-go-nuts. DS came home Wednesday evening, after missing his flight. Which wasn't so bad, as it gave me just enough time to finish cleaning the house. Thursday night, we went rock climbing, and then went out for margaritas. Let me tell you. If you like magaritas, go to Pedro's on half price night. I have the biggest drink I have ever seen in my life for under $5!!

Then Friday night was KT1's birthday, so we all went out for that. Which turned out to be martini night. Did you know they can make martinis in like, 50 thousand ways? One rasberry martini was good enough for me. That, and one of DS's olives. Mmmm, olives.

Saturday, I worked. A lot.

And Sunday was a gloriously stormy day, where DS and I stayed home in our pj's watching movies and playing computer games. AND I got homemade biscuits.

So there you go. Life with DS is returning to something more resembling life and less resembling me being a hermit. Hooray!


Spinning Girl said...

You have such fun. I am wearing my PJs; can I come over? Mind watching Pride and prejudice again?!? I love, I love, I love that movie.

I loved margaritas and martinis too, back in the day. Too bad the alkie is bad for me, or I'd enjoy one of those. I'll just have some Nestle's Quik. Or maybe a Red Bull.

Glad DS is home; life is good.

kimberlina said...

awwww - that sounds like the most wonderful weekend of drinks and being home w/ your love! well, except for the crummy saturday part. but, we all must have money to eat and drink delicious margaritas!

also, i am really impressed that ds seems to have fallen back into normal routine... i'd have been a zombie for 4 days!

Janelle Renee said...

I'm glad you are back in the blogosphere and DS is back home with you.

Olives... yum!

justacoolcat said...

Sounds like a great Sunday.

Bee said...

I, too look forward to the day when I am less hermit-y.

I decided to take your advice and take up a hobby to put my mind on something. Unfortunately, I've chosen to make jewlery, which is turning out to be a very time consuming/expensive hobby for me, but my necklaces are so pretty!

I'll get B. to take some pictures before I give them all away (gifts for the Auron women I'm about to meet)

Oh and Yay! for homemade biscuts! Does DS use buttermilk in his?

Nick said...

I heard a rumo(u)r that you're getting married?