March 17, 2006


Back in January, I applied for a job in my field (read: what I went to school for). I never heard back from them, so I decided that was that and moved on.

Yesterday, I got a call from them, and a number to call them back. Talk about freaking me out! I was not prepared for this. And of course, they would wait until I get promoted at my current job and am perfectly happy there.

Then I called back today. I ask for the extension that was left, and the lady that had called answered the phone. I tell her who I am, and that I'm responding to a message left on my phone.

She has no idea what I'm talking about!

So now, I play the waiting game, as the person who "supposedly" called me gets done with whatever is keeping her busy. Stupid false hopes...


Spinning Girl said...

Oooh, put "communication breakdown" at the top of my list of favorite things!


That sucks!

Hope it's something good.

uph_man said...

Well that's good and bad. Go listen to what they have to offer,then tell them you need a day or two think it over. That's plenty fair. Then go with which job works best for you.