March 02, 2006

Did I Make it??

I know you're all wondering: "Did she make it!?!

I did!! (You may all rejoice now.)

Here is how my day went, which shall all be in Central Time for your convenience.

9:30 AM DS's mom calls to wake me up at DS's request. She finds this funny.

9:36 AM I go back to sleep, knowing I can get up at 10 and still have 3 hours to finish packing.

10:05 AM I wake up.

10:06 AM A functioning brain remembers that just because my flight doesn't leave for 3 hours doesn't mean my ride won't be there in 1.

10:30 AM Much post-shower panicking ensues as I try to find important things, like my walkman and passport.

11:20 AM Half-eaten breakfast goes down the sink as my ride arrives and tells me to get a move on.

11:30 AM Uncomfortable feeling in my throat as my large suitcases are taking up more than their fair share of a small truck cab, and moving into the space my neck usually inhabits.

12:30 PM Nearly hit by a 2 1/2 year old girl driving a stroller while on the phone with DS. I am informed that she's learning to drive, and that they're on their way to Disney World.

1:30 PM Pleasantly surprised to find I'm sitting with 2 1/2 year old girl on flight to Detroit. We spend the hour looking at tiny houses and discussing the merits of Pooh and Elmo. Occassionally, she switches seats with her twin brother, and I play with him instead.

2:30 PM Land in Detroit. Thought about hitching a ride to Disney World instead, as the flight was only 2 1/2 hours (or so she says).

2:50 PM Find a penny press machine at the Henry Ford Museum store that puts weinermobile pictures on the pennies. Make one.

2:55 PM Run to colored tunnel and take pictures.

3:00 PM Run to awesome fountain and take pictures.

3:05 PM Run from one side of airport to other in search of a food shop that sells subs and not greasy, make-me-have-to-poo-on-the-plane food.

3:35 PM Paged over intercom to stop holding up flight.

3:38 PM Board plane. Excited to have individual tv monitors, as it makes the flight that much better.

4:10 PM Spend some time talking to older guy next to me about his 7th trip to Turkey.

4:30 PM Monitors start working. Watch the new version of Pride and Prejudice.

5:00 PM Eat dinner consisting of chicken, rice, green beans, roll, cheese and crackers, salad, chocolate cake and red wine. Decide I'll eat better if I fly more.

6:30 PM Decide that 2 hours is just not enough time to do that book justice.

6:35 PM Watch Elizabethtown.

8:30 PM Feel happy about watching a movie filmed entirely in home state. Go Louisville and E-town!

8:40 PM Choose music I can sleep to.

9:00 PM Fail miserably at sleeping. Still feel tired.

London lights from plane window

10:00 PM Decide to spend the rest of the trip looking out the window and talking to guy going to Turkey.

11:00 PM Land in Amsterdam.

11:20 PM Pass through customs/passport check on way to new terminal. Decide babies should not fly as they scream the entire time.

12:00 AM Look through the giant mall that is the Amsterdam Airport.

12:30 AM Tire of shopping and wonder how I'm going to spend the next hour and a half before my next flight.

1:00 AM Fail to help a Japanese guy use the international telephones. Marvel at how bright the sun is at 1 AM

1:45 AM Board bus that will take me to CityHopper.

2:00 AM Board CityHopper. Wait for wings to be de-iced for that mornings snow.

2:30 AM Dispair when I realize that there is no time difference between Amsterdam and Lyon and that the flight is really 1 hour and 40 min, and not just 40 min.

2:45 AM Thank God for all the food KLM gives you, as it's the only thing keeping me awake.

4:00 AM Arrive in Lyon.

4:20 AM Continue waiting for bags...

4:25 AM Laugh at the joke of "customs."

4:30 AM Reunite with DS. Catch bus to city.

5:00 AM Get off bus, find train station.

5:15 AM Get off train. Walk 3 blocks with luggage.

5:25 AM Get to DS's apartment. Open bags to find that contact solution was indeed left at home, leaving no relief for the things glued to my eyeballs.

7:00 AM Finally manage a nap.

10:00 AM Wake up, decide I want food.

10:40 AM Walk out of grocery with of those loaves of long, hard French bread and several Milka chocolate bars with hazelnuts. Rejoice at being back in Europe.

12:00 PM Have tacos with DS (a surprise gift I brought from the US).

12:30 PM Eat a lot of chocolate, and then some Mousse for good measure.

2:00 PM Decide people might be wondering if I'm alive. Post blog.


cg-c said...

Yay! Be sure to keep posting! And take lots of pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safe and sound, now send me a post card woman! :)


Rrramone said...

Ok, you really skimmed over the part about the reunion with DS. Where are the gory details?? :-)

Glad you made it!

Moral Turpitude said...

I jealous. Sounds awesome. Except for the 2 1/2 year old. I would stab myself if they seated me next to a 2 1/2 year old.

Anonymous said...

i feel for the person who drove you from the airport, her making you ditch your breakfast to hurry the crap us reminds me fondly of so many mornings of our senior year :)-kel

Anonymous said...

glad you made it safe and i agree with rrramone we need details lol.i hope you have a great time and i wouldn't mind one of those hazelnut chocolate bars :) love ya Sherri. tell DS i said hi!

uph_man said...

Hey, glad ya made it! I can stop worrying now. Have fun, be safe.

Spinning Girl said...

oh wonderful wonderful!

Janelle Renee said...

Bravo! Glad you made it. Have a wonderful time!

Bee said...

O happiness!!! O joy!!!

I am so excited!

Ms. Adventures said...


Details would be great!