March 11, 2006


You know what time it is folks? That's right! It's girlscout cookie time!! Which means the progress I had made towards my goal may soon be down the drain! It's okay. It only happens once a year, and I've gotten over my fear of running.

I have three bridesmaids picked out for the wedding. I know I want a 4th, but choosing between my remaining few friends is proving difficult. I use to get a lot of crap for admitting that I rank my friends in order of preference, but now you see how important it is to know where these people stand. Besides, how else do I choose who gets to spend what little free time I have with me?

Tonight, I have a big ol' headache. I wish DS were here, because he always gives me the best massages. And he'd walk over to the hot tub with me. I feel goofy hanging out in the hot tub by myself. Stupid France.

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