June 27, 2009


DS and I have an elephant rug as part of our themed "jungle" bathroom* (and yes, I know elephants aren't jungle animals). It gave me an idea for something I thought I could actually do for my Shrinky Dink embroidery project.

DS had trouble seeing it... hopefully he's the only one. But if not, let me know what you think would help.

And I'm including the back here because real embroidery people seem to care about these things.

*I'm too lazy to take a photo of the bathroom, and I can't find a photo of the actual rug online, but I did find parts of the collection here. Turns out it's actually called Monkey Kingdom.


Boy said...

You're in luck--I think there are many jungle elephants! African Forest Elephants live in the jungle full-time. Asian Elephants live in the forest part-time. At least, that's my understanding...

Sleep Goblin said...

whoa! you are right!
Zoo Tycoon has failed me!

kimberlina said...

hey chickie!

it's a little hard for me to see as well. maybe if the trunk went out instead of back towards his mouth?

maybe bigger ears as well, more like the round part of a 'D' rather than a 'U'. or, like a weak '3'.

right now, it kind of looks like a face. :)