August 07, 2009


It's been over a month since I last posted? Hmmm... that means it's been over a month since I last took any photos off my camera. In that time, I have had visits from my bestest good friend from Madison, Luke, and my mother and her husband (not at all at once). I sewed 8 panels of curtains for my living room and an entire baby quilt (I'm pretty proud of that quilt). And I decided to quit my job.

The idea of course was to get a new job. A full-time job so that we could maybe do fun things like visit friends in the other places we have lived. However, the getting a new job part is not going well, and it's been long enough now that my current employer thinks tomorrow is my last day. *cry* I am so freaked. Why did I think it was a good idea to let him know I was looking for a new job? I can't help but feel I should have stayed quiet until I had a job, except that would have really screwed up the office. When it's just two people, planning is important. Stupid responsible-ness!!!

So yeah... I don't know where the last month and a half went, but there you have it. Hopefully I can do some back posting at some point to fill in the gaps, but for now, it would appear I'm on full time job searching patrol.

P.S. Apparently, Zemanta saw the word day in my post and decided that my post might be about Felicia Day. Which, it could be, as I am certainly in love with her and secretly hope she'll notice me following her on Goodreads and Twitter and instead of being freaked about it think, "she looks like a cool gal, and we live relatively close to each other, let's be friends!". But alas, I meant the normal kind.

P.P.S. If you ever wanted to pay me to make you something, now would be a good time.

P.P.P.S. The wind is blowing so hard I would normally think it's about to storm here. Except it never does. Ever. Just like it never rains. California sucks.

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kimberlina said...

noted! though we are currently on monetary lockdown. D: not that i haven't been eyeing your etsy widget for the last month...