June 24, 2009


I had this idea to embroider designs onto Shrinky Dinks a long time ago, and I'm just now getting around to trying it out. After some trial and error and buying a new hole punch, I have my first prototype.

So what we have here is a flat disc that I first embroidered with red floss, then a second time in orange using a shorter line. Straight on it is colorful, vibrant, and sort of reminds me of a sunset. From the side, you get a sense of how many stitches are involved from the height.

It's a good size for a necklace pendant, a brooch (if I had the clasps for it), or even earrings for those that like them slightly on the large side.

This idea is part of my general interest in mixing items of very different textural qualities. I really enjoy the contrast between the hard plastic and the soft thread.

I'm rather new to embroidery, so if you have some tips or ideas, please share them. It takes a lot of planning to make something like this, because all the holes for each stitch have to be punched first, and once the plastic is shrunken they can't be added. I had initially tried doing something more like a picture, but as a first attempt it was proving too difficult for my limited skills. Thus the more simple star burst pattern. Also, I'm a little fuzzy on where the lines are drawn for copyright and selling when embroidery patterns are involved, and chose to avoid them for selling.

Want one of your own? I have lots of colors of embroidery floss, so feel free to ask for whatever you want here.
Design copyright 2009 Sleep Goblin Crafts


kimberlina said...

oo, maybe even a smattering of tiny beads? kind of like this?

i love thread + beads done in a nice, un-old-woman-y fashion. also can lend some nice asymmetry.

kimberlina said...

OOO, and as a necklace, instead of making it a pendant, maybe using 2 cords (uh... thread, silver thread, wtf is that shit called?!) on each side - like a belt, but not a choker...

wow, i am really incoherent, maybe i got my point across?

or like... multiple strings w/ different sizes - like a mobile, but not hanging down, more like a horizontal mobile.

uh... and stuff.

Rrramone said...

that would make a cool flower garden!