June 18, 2009

Things I am Currently Enjoying - 1*

  • The apartment is quiet, and through the open window in my office I can hear one of our backyard neighbors giving dance lessons. Canon in D is drifting through the air, and I can just make out shuffling couples and a man counting out the beat in Spanish.
  • Watching How I Met Your Mother, Season 3
  • Preparing for the arrival of my bestest good friend Luke
*I'm thinking this might be a somewhat regular installment for those times when I just want to check in, but don't want to write a full out post.
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Monica said...

excellent idea. I just love the idea of listening to others do things like giving dance lessons. Life CAN be peaceful if you sit by the right window.

kimberlina said...

i like that you can hear dance lessons. sounds like a really beautiful day, too.