March 23, 2008

Cats, Planes and Gyros

This morning I took DS to the airport yet again, this time on his way to Athens, Greece. GREECE!!! On one hand, I hate that his job is constantly sending him places. On the other, his totally sweet and awesome mother is sending me along with him! That's right, on April 9th, yours truly will be on a place to Athens. I CAN NOT WAIT!! Having studied architectural history all through college, I'm so excited to be able to go to the Acropolis myself.

On the way to the airport, we passed a gas station with one of those small eateries inside. This one was called "Athens Gyros: The Original". DS felt it important to let Athens know that the original is on the north side of Madison. I'm sure they'll be surprised to hear it.

The cats are already raising a fuss over DS leaving. They each took turns laying on his suitcase in the hopes that he wouldn't be able to leave without it. As soon as I got back home after dropping him off, Winston destroyed a roll of toilet paper (one of his favorite "I'll show you" past times).

Just a few minutes ago he found a box full of peanuts (I keep the boxes I get in case I need them to ship things myself; recycle!). Within moments the box was tipped over, peanuts everywhere, and he was nestled inside. If I had known that all they wanted was a cardboard box and peanuts for a bed, I wouldn't has spent so much money on this one. Oh well.. Felix is currently fast asleep in the box, and it is kinda cute. Though I'm not looking forward to cleaning up those peanuts.

Winston - enjoying his freshly made bed.

Felix attacking a peanut while Winston decides whether to attack her.

Felix, mid meow. She really is a pretty cat, but she's so black and silky that the flash over compensates and makes her look funny...

In other news, we were once again tricked into thinking that Spring was on the way. For over a week we had temperatures around 40, and the majority of our almost 100 inches of seasonal snowfall had melted. Then came the first day of Spring, which brought like 12 more inches of snow. I guess that one week was enough to make people forget how to drive in it, because there were a lot of abandoned cars. The roads weren't even that bad! I mean, we drove almost a month straight on 3-4 inches of ice! Crazy northerners.

Update 3/23 9:43pm - It's snowing again....

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Bee said...

I, for one, am so sick of snow I could barf.

Yay! about Athens though!!!