March 30, 2008

On a Roll!!

Man, selling things is AWESOME! I always thought that I would love living an artist's live, and now I know for sure!

This morning I had a special request to ship to Canada, and now I am happy to say that I've made my 3rd "stranger" sale. Woo-HOO!!! That's two in a row! I feel like, just maybe, I can actually do this when DS gets a teaching job.

I can't really explain what it's like to put your time and love into making something, and then have someone say, "wow, that's really cool, and i'll pay MONEY for it!". Sometimes it's hard to let the thing go, but I know that if I really want to keep it, I can make another. It's such a gratifying experience. I can definitely see why people opt to make things rather than go out and work for the man. :)


Dragonslayer said...

woohoo!! Congrats, baby!!!

Liezlbug said...
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kimberlina said...

d00d, it's totally awesome. i am SO glad that it's going well for you! you rock!! :D

april and june are my "fix your shit up" months, so hopefully that'll actually pan out for me, too!


mystraypup said...

Sweet! Glad your enjoying your creative talents! Don't give up on your dreams. Working for "the man" sux. I've had you linked on my website for a while hopefully it will help out. oh....out of country customers sometimes requires extra work and money because of tariffs, embargoes,etc.....might check into that. each country is different. Keep up the good work!