March 14, 2008

Home Alone

DS left for New Orleans Tuesday morning to give some talks since he's a fancy pants doctor and all. I went to New Orleans once in high school with the family of one of my friends (well, really, all of my vacations have been with friends; my parents don't go places). So I've been home alone, and I've learned some things.

1. The house is much easier to keep clean with him gone. Not sure if that's because it got into the 40's this week (hello Spring!) which triggered the neat bug, or what.
2. My body has not concept of bedtime. He is my reminder that one must sleep. I'm quickly slipping back into my night owl ways, going to sleep around 2 am. Good thing he comes back tomorrow.
3. I'm way more motivated when he's not around. Weird. But I strongly believe that it's because when he's home, all I want to do is curl up next to him. Without him here, I've made tons of new jewelry, cleaned the kitchen, put away the Christmas stuff that stayed up this long due to never ending snow (seriously, did you expect me to extract that garland out from 4 inches of continuous snow??), and lots of other stuff.
4. I'm horrible about spending money. That's a definite positive to staying curled up next to him all night.. can't go to the bead store and spend a fortune.
5. The cats seemed to be more sedated. By which I mean Winston isn't doing his non-stop meowing, expecting DS to throw his mouse. Though he does try to wake me up at 6 am when he realizes his daddy isn't getting up to play with him. And he did accidentally puncture my wrist with his huge snaggle-tooth because he'd decided that watches do not belong on mommy's wrist.

All in all, I miss him, and am ready for him to come home. Even though he'll only be back for a week before taking off on another school excursion. But I need to find a way to hold onto this productivity while he's here. Maybe not quite so much, since I do want to see him from time to time. But a little would be nice.


kimberlina said...

isn't it funny how one little thing might change, but it affect your whole life? in a good way, but in a sad-miss-someone way, of course, too. but it lets you see what you're really capable of, and how you can try and adjust yourself accordingly. i kind of like that. moving out & away from anthony actually was good in some ways, but i am so happy to be moving back. :)

Code name: 1% said...

you've been keeping busy still, it looks like from your store today. Pretty pretty pretty!