June 16, 2007

Vacation Time!

Bright and early in the morning (by which I mean dark and groggy), DS and I are getting up to drive to the airport to start our vacation! This will be our first real real vacation (I just decided our honeymoon didn't count.) We planned ahead, paid for it without going into debt, and I even get vacation time from work so no losses! Hooray!!

Where are we going you ask? On a cruise! A friend from my last work, whom you may remember as Lindsey, is getting married and we're going along to celebrate. It's going to be awesome! Key West, Cozumel, and Coco Bay, here we come!! This is my first cruise, and I have no idea what to expect. As a result, my suitcase is brimming. Poor DS... it will suck to carry it.

I'm not sure if we'll have internet access while we're away. Supposedly, our phones will work, but at international rates. BOO! But in a way, that's okay. It might be kind of nice to totally disappear for a whole week.

Winston and Felix are going to be cared for by my dear friend Matt. I have left him a giant bag of candy, and free reign of my computer and guitar hero as payment. And for my readers, I am making up my absence to you by posting this picture of Matt double fisting girly alcohol left over from my wedding. It was found when I cleaned out the fridge last week. Yup, he's going to kill me.

Please don't hurt me!


Code name: 1% said...

I LURVE the picture of Matt. I'd bet his lady friend does too, and obviously you do, so if 3 hott ladies like the picture, he has no cause to kill you for it.

Claire said...

Have fun on your trip!