June 08, 2007

Unexpected Adventures

On our way to a Brewers game last Sunday (to get our free Prince Fielder bobbleheads since he's Anne's MLP boyfriend), Anne, Matt, DS and I stopped at a gas station. We thought it was an innocent bathroom break, but we were wrong. They had a zoo. At the gas station.

Anne loved their plastic horse. I very much wanted to ride it, but a sign said it would bite me.

I didn't know it at the time, but Anna has an obsession with "mini" things. Good thing that chalk sign pointed it out to us.

These are apparently Indian running ducks. They ran towards us, and Anne freaked out. It was time to leave the zoo.

Until I caught sight of these... At which point I screamed, "Holy Shit! Bunnies!" and took off running. This provided no end of amusement for everyone else.
We got the game early to make sure we had plenty of time to tailgate. We were thoroughly prepared, complete with Anne's famous burgers. ...Except we forgot a spatula. Luckily, these nice young boys were suckers for my homemade cookies, and agreed to share.

Matt is an expert burger flipper.
Also, he was very proud of Ruby at this point, when she was a beer shrine and cookie holder.

DS was most excited to see Dontrell Willis pitch. This is apparently a crazy wind up move, and the boys were impressed.

No Brewers game is complete without the wiener race. Sometimes, like on this day, they have mini-wieners do relay with the regulars. I rooted for the bratwurst and lost.

While everyone else keeps quoting my "holy shit bunnies" thing, my favorite moment was when Anne kept pointing out wildlife off the freeway on the way there. First, she saw a deer. Then, she thought she saw another one, but as DS was kind enough to point out, it was a turkey. At which point Matt states, "I mean really, what is a turkey but a deer with wings?"



Rrramone said...

Dang bratwurst!

kimberlina said...

... is that blue moon??

... ... fuck, i could go for one right now.