June 13, 2007

I'm High Class!

Several things worth mentioning.

1. I have a passport. And I've discovered that U.S. agencies like it when you have to wait in a line to wait in a room to wait in a line to wait in a line to wait in a chair, to then wait somewhere else and then start over. Yes, that really happened.

2. http://www.qwantz.com/index.pl?comic=1011

3. Yesterday, DS, the Silverback and I went to Friday's for burger Tuesday. I had fried mac & cheese, and kids' portion of chicken fingers, and a large raspberry cherry martini. High class!


Ookami Snow said...

So you went to Friday's for burger Tuesday and didn't get a burger. Are you insane?

Oh and word up on the Qwantz, zombie jokes will never get old.

Claire said...

Wait...they have deep fried mac & cheese at Friday's? I am so there...that stuff is hard to find!

Sleep Goblin said...

ookami: i'm weird about meat. it wasn't a good day for a burger.. ds and the silverback more than made of me though.

claire: they totally do. also, dotty's has them, but i figure that's probably only in madison.

uph_man said...

High Class? If you had any class at all you would call and make amends with your papaw!

Code name: 1% said...

holy crap, i put the exact same dinosaur comic on my myspace page last week. psychic link. psychic dinosaur comic link.