June 06, 2007

Jesse can party like an 8 year old

This past Saturday, Jesse celebrated his birthday at a local park. You can't keep me away from a party that involves a swing set.

Being the birthday boy, he came in this totally sweet brown suit. Check out his little handheld keg. That thing we're on? Some sort of new fangled teeter totter. People hung from the handles in the middle while Jesse and I flung them around.

Everyone called this the puke bucket. It's like a one person merry go round, except you don't have to have someone with a power leg pushing it around in circles. Gentle movements can have you spinning super fast! No one loves to spin more than I do.

What's an 8 year old's party without a sack race?

I didn't do very well. In fact I didn't even finish. But it was hilarious, and the course was designed to go around trees and through sand. Jesse and Ben are merciless.

There was plenty of food and beer, including grilled hot dogs. I don't know why I love grilled hot dogs. Most meat creeps me out.

You really couldn't have asked for better weather.

Later that night, a homemade slip and slide was revealed. There was no hose. Instead, buckets of soapy water were thrown on some plastic. I didn't think it would work, but then, no one told me soap was involved. Here you can see DS and Jesse glistening after a go of it.

This pictures cracks me up. DS looks just like one of those kids in a real slip n slide commercial. I was slightly embarrassed that he stripped down to his underwear, but was able to have a chuckle when he later asked if we could go home and get him dry underwear. It looked like he'd wet his pants all night.

The moral of this story? If Jesse invites you to a party, you should go. Other activities including an egg and spoon race, an egg toss, and a pinata. Totally sweet stuff.


Audit Princess said...

Hey Boo, I can't get your pictures to open up.What did you do different?

Rrramone said...

Man I loves me some slip and slide. :-)