October 30, 2006

We're Home!

DS and I are back from Jamaica! It was the best, and really the only, real vacation we've taken together. The Grand Lido Negril is an amazing resort, and we'll gladly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere warm to go.

On Saturday, we took the Metra (the commuter train!) to Chicago to visit Kimberlina while she was close. She's as cute and awesome in person as she is online!! She helped us check another zoo off of our list be suggested we spend the day at the Brookfield Zoo. We won't hold it against her that the trip out there took so long that we only had an hour in the zoo :) And really, the walk back was really nice, so I'm glad it all worked out the way it did. It was "Boo at the Zoo" while we were there too, so there were hundreds of tiny monsters running around.

Tonight, I have to carve a pumpkin. I say have to, because work gave them out for free, with the condition that we bring them back decorated for the Halloween party they're throwing us tomorrow. As long as I show it off at the party, the pumpkin is mine to keep. So, I'm off to do some carving! Hopefully tomorrow I can post Honeymoon and Chicago pictures.

Thanks to everyone who sent us well wishes and to those who sent us gifts. Everything was lovely, and we're especially excited to make new things in the kitchen. We were so happy that so many of our friends and family were able to make it.

If you're close to Madison, we're thinking of having a small party soon. So if anyone wasn't able to make the trek to Kentucky, or if you just like hanging out with us, you can celebrate with us in Wisconsin! We have lots of wedding cake too! Just send me an e-mail!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you two had a wonderful time in Jamaica. Can't wait to see the pics.

I wished I lived closer so that I could hang out with you and celebrate more. (Do you have a trampoline?)

Spinning Girl said...


Rrramone said...

I want to see pics of the big bean!! :-)

Spinning Girl said...

I'm a little upset about the non-upward-mobility of my brownie points.