October 19, 2006


Look! A picture of DS!

Remember Nick? He's three now, and has spent the last year asking when I was going to take him back to the pumpkin patch. He still has a thing for green pumpkins.

He has also developed a fondness for white pumpkins. I was the wise one that let a three year old pick out my wedding decorations.

Here you see DS, Kel (MOH), Nick, and Chanda (Nick's Mom, one of my best friends). They are very excited to be feeding an assortment of koi, catfish, bluegill, ducks, and one mean white swan. (Okay, Kel is trying to kick the swan, but they're feeding everything else.)

"Whoa whoa whoa! ... a ghost!" - Nick


cg-c said...

Hot Dog! Congrats on your wedding this weekend! :-) I'm sure it'll be beautiful, white & green pumpkins and all.

I've missed your website! I haven't been online much since my computer is away getting a new hard drive, so I haven't been ignoring you. It's nice to be back.

Please post pictures of your decorations and how it all looks!

Anonymous said...


i wish i were rich.

so i could go to weddings and travel all the time.

it's going to be soso lovely!

Monkey said...

I'm with Kimberlina. I wish I had the $ and the flexibility, yes flexibility to be a fly on the wall.

Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about it!