October 10, 2006

11 Days.. ACK!

How well do you know your fellow bloggers?

That's right, another contest, because I love them! Your challenge: to be the first person to tell me who is responsible for this box of delicious pears that I found sitting on my doorstep today! (No cheating, you awesome gift giver!!) I have to admit that I hoped the golden one was chocolate, but alas, it is another pear. Is there some tradition there I don't know about??

Felix and Winston reminded us last night of why we can't play board games without having extreme patience anymore.

Also, Winston likes to lay like this sometimes, and it cracks me up. He always starts off in some normal position, and then after a moment he inches forward, dragging his belly. He does this belly crawl a lot, like when he's escaping my snuggling but doesn't really want to get up, and when he wants to chase something but is feeling lazy. Apparently, he also does it just cause.


Monkey said...

I'm guessing Spinning Girl?

And yes, board games with animals requires endless patience. I should know, as I play with Calzone frequently.

Anonymous said...

spinning girl! second guess winner, yea!!

felix has cute toes!

Spinning Girl said...

I am going to guess Spinning Girl also.