October 22, 2006

Holy Crap!! I'm Married!

Well, I wish I could tell you everything that happened yesterday, but it's honestly all a blur. I can tell you that everyday leading up to the wedding, and most certainly today, the weather was AWFUL! Very cold, over cast, and usually raining. Though of course, we came home to snow on the ground in Wisconsin! However, the day of the wedding, the weather was fantastic! Perfectly sunny and in the 60's.

I don't really have much in the way of pictures yet, and we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for our honeymoon, but my mom was kind enough to e-mail me a few so you can all sate your appetite.

Dorian, the flower girl, and now my niece. We were afraid she'd be too shy, but she was great!

This is in front of the property owner's house.

There was a giant oak tree off to the side of the yard with a bench underneath. This is currently my mom's favorite picture, and I can't say I blame her.

We're both super happy, but super tired. We still have to unpack the car, finish packing for the honeymoon, and try to get some much needed sleep! If we can, we'll post from Jamaica, but if not, we'll see you all when we get home! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the day the best ever!!!


M.Mouse.Fan said...

You were sooooo beautiful. Anyone who chose not to show up definately lost out. I love you Boo!!

Spinning Girl said...

OK, I cried.
You look so beautiful and so happy.
See how easy it is to be beautiful and happy?
You have those things, and that makes me even happier.
God bless!

Monkey said...

I'm with Spinning Girl. I've got tears in my eyes! I always cry at weddings dammit.

You guys look amazing. Dorian the flower girl is adorable. It looks like it was just a perfect day.

Congratulations!! Have a fabulous honeymoon. We love you both.

cg-c said...

I can't think of the right adjective! Beautiful and gorgeous and serene and peaceful and lovely. You are the definition of all of those words! Congratulations, in the extreme. I'm so glad it was a gorgeous day. Have a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

you both look absolutely incredible. fuck, i love seeing happy people together. that's how it should be, always.
it's also incredibly inspring - like, man! i can do this wedding thing, too! and you had way less time than i will for planning.
i hope you're having a superb time on the honeymoon!!!

Spinning Girl said...

I'm a little bit upset about the status of my brownie points, but I guess your priorities have shifted. (jk)

Calzone said...

Congrats Baby!!

B.O.B.I. said...

Yaaaaaaay! *claps hands many much times*
Congrats you two! Hope your Moons of Honey are progressing in swell fashion and that the gifts were plentiful. Also, I hope you like the card, I think it were some of my finest drawrings yet.

Best wishes (not that you needs em) and stay snappy!