October 04, 2006

Fall Delights

Fall means caramel apples covered in nuts.

I love fall.

Growing up, it also meant Little Debbie Snack Cake's limited time only Pumpkin Delights. I've been looking for them for weeks now, because I've been bringing home caramel apples for weeks. I had decided Wisconsin doesn't like pumpkin, and so the grocery stores didn't carry them.

The behold!! Last night, DS and I found Pumpkin Delights at the grocery. I'm on Cloud 9 today!!

I tell you what, life doesn't get much better than this :)


B.O.B.I. said...

Wisconsin only recently got Pumpkin Delights? We've had those at my Super Target for the last two and a half weeks.

As for life not getting much better, let me clue you in: Cold room 'cuz you left the window open to the brisk fall air, huddled under VERY warm comforter with a plate of VERY hot pizza and a couple cans of pop by your side while you cradle the controller to your PS2 which you are using to make your ridiculously high-leveled Samurai and Summoner characters in Final Fantasy: Tactics beat the living snot out of some Skeletons, Black Goblins and maybe even a Red Chocobo or two.

Or sex. That would also be pretty much tops.

Spinning Girl said...

nummy nummy nummy

Anonymous said...

note: bobi - it's SODA! not POP!

i heard there was a pumpkin freeze or blight or something?? so not many pumpkins this year. :(