September 02, 2012

Friendly Visits

Whew!  We just finished having two sets of house guests here.  Fun times!  Though sleeping arrangements Friday night when they overlapped was a bit tricky.  Good thing we bought that extra air mattress recently.

Sam and Brett had a wedding to attend in NJ about 45 min from our place, and took this opportunity to visit us for the first time since moving here.  First time visits are always fun, because there's so much to see and do in the city.  And they had some firsts with me.  Ever since kimberlina mentioned shrubs, I've been wanting to try one.  We have a restaurant here called City Tavern that has been around in the 1700's that still serves shrub beverages.  So I had a raspberry shrub with soda water, and Sam had hers with rum.  We were both super happy with them.  Vinegar for the win!

Sam and I enjoy our first shrubs in City Tavern.
 We did many other fun things.  We even had ice cream for lunch one day.  And I finally got to go back to Alma de Cuba for dinner, which hasn't happened since DS and I came to Philadelphia to be decide whether or not we wanted to live here.  I seriously love that place.
Sam and I share a "Ladies Choice" at Franklin Fountain: raspberry soda, peach ice cream, whip cream.
While they were here I also hit the 20 week milestone of my pregnancy.  That's officially half way!  Though the doctors won't let me go past 39w, so more than halfway for me.

Sam and I, 20w.  Nell is hanging out on the couch!
 Sam and Brett left Saturday for wedding things, and then we had Nell and Brian until Sunday.  They were on their way to their new home in New York.  We're so happy to have more of our friends within driving distance of us!  And DS was happy they were in town especially, because they all went climbing together Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night there were board games and pizza.  Though by this point all the running around was catching up to me and I spent the evening half asleep in the chair before retiring early.  Having them close means more board game time though, which we've really missed!  And they're close enough to come back down for the PA shower at the end of the month.  Now if we could just get Brett and Sam closer...

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