September 30, 2012

PA Shower

Man, I'm tired.  Who would have thought that running around in a field while 24 weeks pregnant with twins wear you out?  Ha!

This weekend was my local PA shower.  It was so lovely, truly.  A lot smaller than the KY, mostly because the majority of our friends are now spread far and wide and are hard to gather.  I am so thankful for the three that came in for the weekend; two from Albany and one from Syracuse.  Not the worst drive in the world, but a decent distance for a party.  I love that we have places to put people when they come to town, even if it's limited.

This particular party was hosted by my friend Bri at her dad's house.  He has a huge yard, big deck, and a pool.  Unfortunately, it ended up be too chilly for a pool, though he did invite us back to teach the kids how to swim once they're here!  There was badminton and bocce ball, an adorable cat named Gray, lots of craft beer for DS, and food!

Seriously, the food.  Bri made almost everything.  We had burgers and hot dogs from the grill, baked mac and cheese, fruit, hummus, chips, some soda.  Then came the desserts!!  Apple pie, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, both vanilla bean and pumpkin ice cream.  I tell you what, homemade desserts are where it's at!

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