August 26, 2012

Summer Endings

This weekend marked our last full weekend together and alone for the foreseeable future.  We have house guests coming this week, and then between my trip to KY and school starting and conferences, we'll have something going on until mid fall.  Not that we won't see each other, but things will be busy!  So we decided to make sure we made the most of this weekend.

Yesterday we went hiking at Nockamixon State Park (there's a lake, but I didn't see it).  It's a place that DS goes bouldering (rock climbing) by himself, and I decided to tag along for the exercise.  Regular ol' hiking is more than enough exercise now.  I took a book so I wouldn't get bored while he climbed.  It was a really nice day, and there wasn't anyone else there.  So lovely and quiet.

Today we got some grocery shopping done, put a giant stew teeming with vegetables in the crock pot, and put together the crib.  We are so excited!  Having the crib up makes things feel more real for sure.

That's my giant care bear that I've had for nearly 10 years in there, and the whale tub sitting next to it.  The bedding set isn't here yet, so right now there's just the mattress and a couple of my old baby blankets in there.  I also ended up sticking the two quilts DS's grandmother gave us in there.  There are some built in shelves in this room that used to have a bunch of my craft books and whatnot.  I cleaned that out this week so it can hold baby things.  It's not a huge difference, but it makes it feel more nursery-like while the babies are sharing space with the office.

We have a tentative plan for insulating that brick by the crib.  It gets super cold in the winter, and this room is over our landlord's bedroom, and you can hear everything through that brick.  (yes, I do mean everything, it's a little embarrassing to be in there at times; I'm glad it's not where we sleep.)  Hopefully some insulation will help them sleep better until we're able to buy a house.

Making progress!  Now we're looking forward to some of our Santa Barbara friends coming to stay.  Exciting times ahead!

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kimberlina said...

so exciting!!! and the care bear is adorable.