September 15, 2012

The Rest of KY

The rest of my visit to KY was kind of busy but fun.  It went as follows:

Monday: Spent the day on the internet, then the evening with the parents watching tv and playing Sudoku.

Tuesday: Met a girl from my pregnancy forum to go shopping in Lexington.  Had sushi (not the raw stuff, *sigh*) and ice cream.  Went back to town and hung out with my stepdad for a while.  Drove out to Anna and Jason's house, where I played with their cat and bunny and talked baseball.  Then had dinner with Anna (delicious).

Wednesday: Woke up to balloons and a card for my birthday, and one card from "the babies".  Hung out with my old neighbor Raiden and her youngest.  Watched The Corpse Bride twice (kids...).  Went shopping with Mom for my birthday (hello new clothes!  hello Kohl's 50% off sale!).  Had dinner with the parents for my birthday.  Had a friend stop by after dinner that I hadn't seen since high school for cupcakes and ice cream.

Thursday: By this point I was exhausted.  No naps all week!  Lots of running around.  So I was slow moving, but managed to shower and eat before the parents took me to the airport.  We had lunch there before I went through security, because they are awesome like that.  Got back to Philly and found a cab, which drove like an absolute maniac.  I was honestly a little scared, not to mention uncomfortable hitting the bumps in the crap roads at those speeds and feeling my whole uterus bounce.  I don't recommend it.  Got home, collapsed for a while, waited for DS to get home.  The rest of that day is a blur.. I assume I ate, but I don't remember what.

On the way there I had packed my largest suitcase with my carryon inside it.  All of my stuff fit inside the carryon, which meant the entire large suitcase was free for taking home shower gifts.  I ended up filling that, filling the diaper bag I got and having that be my carryon instead, and still Mom had to ship me two boxes of stuff.  And for reference, one was books, and one was clothes and boppy pillows that weighed 35lbs.  THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS.  To say we were given a lot of stuff would be an understatement.  We are very lucky.

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