January 01, 2009

The Worst That Could Happen is Adventures!

Around 4pm today, DS and I decided to make the most of our last hour of sunlight and go for a bike ride. We live very close to some really nice paths, and you would think that would mean we could putz around for an hour and go home easily enough. But you'd be wrong.

So we started off fine, heading down the Turnpike trail, which hooks up our apartment with the Coast Route (aka, DS's path to work). Since the other day we took it east, we decided today we'd go west. It wasn't long before our pretty little bike path dumped us into neighborhood streets. A poor decision at an intersection to continue on the Coast Route took us into Hope Ranch, which is apparently where the rich people live. What we didn't know was that we were in for lots of windy roads in mountainous terrain. By the time we started doubting that we were still following a route, we'd already passed the point where I could have successfully turned around and biked home. That place was VERY hilly. And you would thing "coast route" would mean next to the ocean and flat, but you'd be wrong there too.

Around 5, we found ourselves at Arroyo Burro Beach, where lots of people had gathered to watch the sun set. There was no way we were getting home before dark, so I convinced DS to do the same, and hence, pretty photos! And also, my first time watching the sun set on the ocean :)

This was also about the time that the "bike route" began appearing as an actual thing on the road again, as opposed to sometimes having a bit of shoulder. So we hoped for the best and took the next painted route back towards where we lived.

Since we live less than a half mile from an In-N-Out burger (which I find hilarious... cause I'm 12), we took the bikes home and went straight out for food. We were exhausted and starving, and it hit the spot.

Now that I'm home, and have access to the online bike maps and Google Earth, I can tell you that we were, surprisingly, on the Coast Route the whole way through Hope Ranch, and that the total mishap ended up being nearly 14 miles of biking. Holy Crap! DS had guessed 8 or 9 miles.. no wonder I'm so tired! I'm not used to this "active" business.

My achy body is in need of a hot bath, and then I'm going to get ready for an interview to be the assistant to a toy designer in the morning. Life is good!

*in case you were wondering, we made it to santa barbara in one piece, the apartment is great, and all is well. there are back posts coming, but we just got to the camera cable late last night, and a girl needs her rest.


kimberlina said...

your adventure was crazy!! but definitely a good memory. in-n-out burger. hahaha. too bad they didn't have hot dogs. yay for dirty 12 yr old minds! :D

Monica said...

wow, 14 miles!!!! that is amazing and the sunset was beautiful. I miss the ocean so badly. I am glad your apartment is cool.

Spinning Girl said...

Holy wow!