December 22, 2008

Driving - Day 2

The camera was forgotten in the trunk during the first day of driving, but you didn't miss much. Iowa is very boring. Then again, you didn't miss much during day 2 either.. Nebraska is also boring. There is only one interstate in Nebraska, and we were on it. Most of the way looked like this:

Honestly, I don't remember if this was Nebraska or Wyoming. I'm going with Nebraska though; because except for the part inside the Great Divide Basin, which was a big bowl of nothing, Wyoming was fairly interesting.

DS and I debated over the purpose of these fences, which we saw all over the place on Day 2. Originally, he though they were to stop snow drifts from making it to the interstate; but then he decided they were just wind barriers. Anyone know? They definitely always seem to be keeping something from the interstate, but they certainly weren't solid, so it wasn't for people or animals.

This one was somewhere close to the Nebraska/Wyoming border, where things started to get interesting.

This giant coyote sculpture was pretty cool, though this picture of it isn't.

This is the Sinclair refinery in Sinclair, WY, makers of Sinclair gasoline. It was HUGE, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and had the smallest little town consisting of, we assumed, only the people that work there. The only thing it looked like that had other than a few houses and a water tower was a building near the interstate with the word BAR written across the entire roof. Yeah... I'd probably drink a lot too if I lived there.

The cats were drugged each day they were in the car, but it usually took 1-2 hours for them to calm down enough to actually be knocked out. Winston really fought going to sleep, and occasionally protested by laying down in the litter box. Let me tell you, the car smelled AWESOME after this trip.

Other things worth noting that do not have pictures to accompany them:

  1. Drove over several rivers of note, but all were frozen solid; Mississippi, Missouri, and others but I got tired of writing it down.
  2. Saw a sign for the Mines of Spain in Dubuque, IA. Wondered how they got across the Atlantic.
  3. Drove past some lime kilns near Huntsville (Hurtsville?), IA that looked really cool. One benefit of us missing a turn and adding an hour and a half to the trip. No other benefits.
  4. Drove through Omaha, NE. Actually saw three "skyscrapers". Was astounded.
  5. Stopped for gas in Buford, WY. Population? 1.

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